Vision Statement

We will enhance opportunities for all by eliminating vision problems

Mission Statement

Improving lives by improving sight

Our Goal is to eliminate amblyopia (lazy eye)
from North Dakota Children

The Optometric Foundation of North Dakota is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit guided by Optometrists from across North Dakota and run by a new Executive Director, Mike Little. 

The Foundation has a bold vision: eliminate lazy eye in North Dakota.  

Early detection of conditions such as lazy eye is important for effective treatment. We want to ensure that families who meet income guidelines, will receive FREE comprehensive eye exams for their pre-kindergarten kids.   

"Together we will create a future where opportunities will be enhanced for all by eliminating vision problems," Executive Director Mike Little

  • Brian Beattie, OD


  • Jim Helmers, OD

    Vice Chairman

  • Kristin Engstrom, OD


  • Jason Schaff, OD


  • Lori Scheel, OD


  • Blaine Burdick, OD


  • Mike Little, MBA

    Executive Director


We're hiring for an Executive Administrator position.  Apply today!

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