Current Foundation-sponsored programs Include: 

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Vision Start - Help kids see a bright future. 

Imagine a child eagerly attending the first day of kindergarten, but they’re unable to follow along due to an undiagnosed vision condition. This not only makes it difficult to learn but hinders a child’s fullest potential to succeed.

  • 60% of problem learners have undetected vision problems.
  • 1 IN 4 KIDS entering kindergarten have vision problems.
  • 80% of everything a child learns relies on vision.

Undiagnosed vision problems can delay child development, academic growth, and lead to permanent vision loss. Early detection from an eye doctor is critical to treat lazy eye, astigmatism, and cancer.
Before age 6, it is recommended that children have 3 eye exams, yet 50% of these children have never received an eye exam, and 24% of parents wait for their child to have symptoms.

For many North Dakota families-in-need, a significant barrier to receiving vision care is cost.

Vision Start is supported by the Optometric Foundation of North Dakota and generous donors from across the state to provide vouchers offering free comprehensive eye exams to North Dakota families-in-need with children ages 4-5. According to the last census, there are 20,540 children ages 4-5 in North Dakota and 1,357 North Dakota nursery school children are living in poverty.

Starting August 2020, eye exams will be reimbursed to the provider’s office by the Optometric Foundation of North Dakota.

Please consider signing up to provide care or making a donation to Vision Start today on our website or by sending a check to:

Optometric Foundation of North Dakota
Attn: Vision Start
4141 28th Ave. S.
Fargo, ND 58104

Vision Start provides FREE comprehensive eye exams for North Dakota children-in-need age 4-5.   

Program’s the foundation has sponsored in the past:

  • Vision USA / North Dakota - we stopped this as of December  2019
  • Diabetic reporting forms - to be sent from the optometrist to a primary care provider.
  • InfantSee 
  • School nurse vision screening support - collect statewide data on the vision needs of ND children.
  • Think About Your Eyes